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Voice Over Artist – An Ideal way of Hiring a Professional

Voice Over Artist – An Ideal way of Hiring a Professional - Urdu VO

Voice Over Artist – An Ideal way of Hiring a Professional

If you are looking for a voice over artist for your videos and audios, it is easy to find the ideal one online. In reality, all you have to do is to search Google for the countless numbers of voice-over artists and then Google will provide you with the best websites with a wide array of talented artists. Or you can have a look at our Voice Over Directory to find an artist or company of your choice which is currently being populated with entries from VO artists and agencies.

Although it is very easy to find one, it is still quite difficult to choose the best one that will perfectly match your project or audios. Whether you are going to make an explainer video to your landing page or a technical video on how to promote your product, there is a need for you to hire a professional voice artist that will do the job for you. Hiring the best voice artist that will speak about your product and your company is a smart choice. In fact, according to a recent study, a voice over is a helpful tool in promoting any kind of products or even services.

Whatever purpose you have in hiring a voice-over artist, be it an audio or a video, aiming for the perfect voice is very important. If you are going to make an audio promotional, the voice is obviously the main focus of the project. When it comes to video, which could have some animations and other background music, it is still the voice of the artist that ties up everything together to make the message of the video clear and for the audience to receive the message the way it was intended to be.

In order to help you in looking for the right voice over artist, here are some of the tips that could help you find the perfect voice for your company:

Consider the Brand

You need to look for a voice that will give justice to your brand. However, before looking for a voice-over artist, you have to consider first your target audience – what kind of voice will you hire that will best catch the attention of the audience? What qualities of the voice will perfectly match your business? What is the mood of your promotional video? Is it hip and young? Or wise or mature?

Should it be female or male to do the job for you? You have to be aware of the best adjective that will describe the voice you are looking for. You have to consider the level of energy when looking for a voice-over artist. Are you looking for a voice that will promote the urgency so that audience will be encouraged to buy the product you are offering?

You have to consider as well the accent of the voice-over artist. In looking for the perfect artist, you have to take note that a professional talent has the ability to modify his or her voice and can speak different ages, styles, and even accents. For example, if your company is based in England and you are going to hire a voice-over artist from Canada, the artist should modify his or her voice into an English accent. You need to know the things you want when searching for the right voice-over artist.

Be Aware of the Medium

You are probably looking for a voice over artists for your explainer videos, training videos, commercials and sales videos. Whatever medium it is, this obviously contains different goals; therefore think of what type of voice would best work for your chosen medium. If you are going to create a commercial video for a video game, you need to hire a voice over artist that has great acting skills. Making a voice over for a gaming video, part of the job is to convince the audience and provide them with amusement. While there is some artist that are skilled in different aspects of craft, but not all of them can accomplished task in all medium.

Spend time to Search

Don’t just choose the names that appear on Google. If possible, opt for some personal recommendations given by friends, colleagues especially if they already hired a voiceover artist before. If you don’t know one who can recommend an artist for your project, better check for the testimonials that you will find on some of the artists’ websites. You can also browse for some agencies or online marketplace where you can find the right voice over artist. Making use of the search engine is always one of the best ways to looking for the right artist that will do the job for you. You can also go through the reviews of the people who have employed the artist and are pleased with their voice over performance.

Start Listening to Samples

You are done narrowing down your search list of the potential voice-over artist. It is now the time to listen to their demos and find out which among them will best speak for your brand. Take note as well that most of these artists can perform several styles and accents. So, because you can never see or hear it during their demos, it is recommended to ask them about their skills and other capabilities.

Take note of the Communication and Connection

Working with the best voice over artist will give you ease and convenience when making your explainer videos and commercial videos. However, if you find it difficult to deal with the voice artist, then they are not probably the right person to handle the job for you. Working with the right voice over artist will give you comfort and peace of mind.

Looking for the best voice-over artist is not an easy task to do especially if you are looking for the best one for your project. You can also try doing auditions so that you will be able to pick the right voice-over artist. In such way, you will not waste time and money so make sure to hire a professional voice over artist with extensive experience and unmatched expertise in providing voice over solutions.

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Urdu VO

Urdu VO is the first ever specialized Urdu voice over service online. Raheel Farooq, the founder and artist at Urdu VO, has been providing voice over services online for more than a decade now!

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Whatever medium it is, this obviously contains different goals; therefore think of what type of voice would best work for your chosen medium.