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3 Tips for Wannabe Voice Over Professional​s

3 Tips for Wannabe Voice Over Professional​s - Urdu VO

3 Tips for Wannabe Voice Over Professional​s

Hello, wannabe voice over professionals.

Hope you’re doing well; and hoping to make good money as voice over professionals, I know. To be honest, I don’t feel artists should be materialistic. But I also realize that their souls are trapped in flesh like everyone else’s.  So, let’s think artistically about money. Sounds materialistic? Try to narrate and record that in a romantic tone.

Today, I’m going to share with you 3 tips that will transform you into a voice over professional from a mere artist.

The very first tip is to do vocal warm ups everyday.

Now it may be a cumbersome task. But as a professional, your voice is your money maker. So you have to take the necessary measure to insure that your voice remains healthy. Here’s a very good vocal warm up video. Go through this video series everyday.

I believe great voice over professionals are artists who are aware of their merits and demerits at a conscious level. Your voice is not going to get better overnight. But if you are consistent, you will see major improvements in your tone, quality, and control of your voice. As your voice improves, you’ll have more opportunities and higher-paying clients.

The second tip is to constantly study the subject.

In life, you are doing only two things: improving or degenerating. There is no standing still. And if you don’t improve everyday, you are going to have a hard time making it in this cut-throat industry. So you need to keep learning new things and applying them into your skill.

Some study recommendations for voice over professionals.

First, you need to study great voice over professionals like Mel Blanc, June Foray, and Daws Butler. Success is replicable, and it leaves trails. By replicating their successes and learning from their mistakes, you’ll improve dramatically.

Next, you should study all you can about the voice over industry. Read essential books such as…

Then, read books in the suggested reading, and keep branching out. As you do so, you’ll form your own insights, theories, and techniques that’ll suit you the most.

The final tip is to practice recording yourself and hearing it until you perfect your skill.

No amount of theory is going to bring in the money, unless you are a teacher/professor. As a voice over professional, your growth is in making new skills part of who you are. For example, if your tone is flat here are the step you can follow…

  1. Find a good voice-over material
  2. Replicate it with your own voice
  3. Repeat 1 & 2 until you are confident the two are the same.

For more assurance, play the recording for someone else. Let them figure out how close yours is to the original.

So to recap, warm up, study, and practice everyday. You’ll be a professional that deserves to be rewarded handsomely in no time.

Urdu VO

Urdu VO

Urdu VO is the first ever specialized Urdu voice over service online. Raheel Farooq, the founder and artist at Urdu VO, has been providing voice over services online for more than a decade now!

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  1. salam, i want to become a voice over professional, and i am ready for it, let me know if there is any job for me. Thanks

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So to recap, warm up, study, and practice everyday. You'll be a professional that deserves to be rewarded handsomely in no time.