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Urdu voice over is our specialty. The artist speaking from the platform of Urdu VO is not just another voice over artist. We are almost ubiquitous in the world of Urdu communication and can be heard globally, everywhere from airport lounges to popular media channels. You no more need browse Urdu voice talent pool and employ trial and error techniques find an artist of your choice. Just check the demos below!

We offer voice overs at standard rates that are affordable for companies and individuals alike while the quality of our services absolutely outshines other artists and agencies in the market. As the first ever dedicated Urdu voice over service provider online, our agency is proud of how much it has served its customers as well as the Urdu community in general. Many of our clients are familiar with Lehja, a non-profit project of Urdu VO that renders Urdu literary masterpieces in audio to promote arts, culture and education in society.

Urdu Voice Over Online

We always have the ideal Urdu voice over artist you have been looking for. Just let us know when and for what you need them!


Everything from IVR and voicemail messaging to auto attendant, business narration and voice branding. Ultimate Urdu telephone system recording services!

Ads & Promos

Voice overs for commercials and promos are recorded in professional studio settings. We know your clientele is as important to you as you are to us!


Narration and documentary voice overs need tone mastery to ensure proper communication of the intended information. We know how it’s done in Urdu.

Educational VO

All types of educational and instructional voice overs. Guaranteed to have the serenity, maturity and authority essential for educational content.

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Native Urdu Voice Over Artist

As the oldest Urdu voice over agency online, we have been serving high quality voice overs for over a decade now. One of the strongest reasons behind this outstanding record is that we, unlike all other voice over agencies out there, do not reach out across countries and continents to haphazardly arrange freelance Urdu voice over artists sight unseen. We are Urdu localization incarnate! We exist right in the locale you wish to target. Contrary to the talent pool managed by other voice over agencies, the artist at Urdu VO is one with a direct exposure to the Urdu community, sharing many terms with them including language, culture and locale. This, on one hand, makes management, monitoring and review of the deliverables easier and more transparent for us, and on the other, enables us to produce state of the art Urdu recordings for narrations, promos, commercials, IVRs, etc..

An Urdu voice over artist cannot survive in today’s market if professional development and grooming is not among their top priorities. Language is both and art to be mastered and a science to be pursued lifelong. Moreover, the technological advancements and ever-changing needs of the modern age keep challenging the artists. Volatility of social standards and norms is also a key phenomenon to monitor for people working in localization and language industry. Unlike most freelancers in the market, we at Urdu VO are proud to get ourselves trained and educated on Urdu language, culture, marketing, mass communication and voice over techniques regularly. We boast of this intrinsic skill development program as one of key factors that sets us apart from other voice over agencies and freelance artists serving in the industry.

Voice Over Samples/Demos

Here are some handpicked Urdu voice over samples for you. You are always welcome to request more samples and demos any time in case it can help you make sure the voice over artist is the best fit for your project.

Urdu VO Sample- Urdu IVR Demo

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Urdu Voice Over

Service Standards

Recording Environment

We keep educating ourselves on latest industry standards about recording and recording environments. We are quite fond of good microphones. Standard noise absorption techniques have also been implemented carefully in our studios to ensure so that the voice is recorded as naturally and originally as possible. It is absolutely out of question for us to allow any distinguishable ambient noise that need be removed destructively by audio editing later.

Professional Editing

We know the art of closing down to everything from pops and clicks to breaths and sibilance and making them sound normal or removing altogether as per need. The delicate art of when and how much to normalize and compress the waveform is what helps us produce the most thrilling sound that a great Urdu voice over can possibly have.

Pronunciation & Accent

Urdu is one of the languages that depend a lot on tonal variations for accurate communication of the intended message. As a relatively young but highly popular language, its grammar, semantics and pronunciation have been evolving faster than any other modern language. As a native speaker, linguist and celebrated writer of Urdu, CEO of Urdu VO is particularly concerned with delivery of your message. We guarantee you that you will not find Urdu more mellifluous than from the mouths of our VO agents.

Service Brief


We charge you the standard market price but our talent does for you what other cannot. We are always open to negotiations and our clients know that Urdu VO never stops offering the best deals in the market. We are committed to return in value what you pay us in cash!


We respect your deadlines and ensure timely delivery of your project. Our sound engineering skill set has successfully met all audio-tech requirements like format, bitrate, size, channels, signal to noise ratio, etc. etc. Just let us know what you need and when you need it, and relax. It's upon us!


We at Urdu VO are no less loyal to our clients than they are to us. We are always here to care. Don't worry about revisions, editing, and changes of mind. We are here even after the project is delivered. Contact us any time on phone, email or social media for instant support.

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Tips to Get Ideal Voice Overs

Urdu Voice Over - Urdu VO

Good voice over artists tend to become the voice of your brand. An ideal match can be the starting point of a strong emotional relationship between your brand and your clientele. But if the voice fails to resonate with your audience, it will only serve to drive them away from your business. That is exactly why choosing the right voice over agent is deserves a critical attitude. Don’t worry. We are here with some tips based on our years long experience in the industry that will help you in the process of selection.

The feel of your brand

Make a short but clear statement of the emotional character of your brand. It may be a list but a brief description will help you and your artist connect the dots. For instance, if have a financial services business, security and comfort will be the feelings that you would like your brand to exude. If you are a food company, energy, friendliness and delight should probably be on top of your list. Let the voice over artist know about the feel of your brand and see if they come up to the standard.

Matching the tone to the audience

A tone that works for documentary will not necessarily do for interactive voice response (IVR) on phone. You must know the persona of your audience. If you are targeting children, for instance, the voice must be expressive and the expression must be energetic. If you are going to address a rather senile audience, nothing will probably work better than a mature, deep and calm voice. A wrong tone can lead your audience to feeling alienated to an otherwise well-crafted message.

Analysis of expression and enunciation

Tonal variation and enunciation are very important for the communication of your intended message. An artist whose vocal expression is not flexible enough to fluctuate appropriately will sound as monotonous as a text-to-speech bot. However, it is generally good to not compromise enunciation just for the sake of expression. It is often enunciation of words that readily betrays how educated a voice over artist is about their language.

Choosing the standard accent

Urdu is fast becoming a virtually global language. It has many accents which sometimes make it hard for people to decide which one to choose for delivering their message. What we can tell you for sure is that even though many of the accents are widely acceptable yet the most pleasant and globally acceptable is the one literati and educated class of Pakistan use; even the Indians find it melodic and authentic these days. It is characterized by an enunciation scheme that attempts to deliver every word more or less the way it is originally pronounced in the language it comes from. We have adopted it as the standard at Urdu VO.

A voice over artist can make or break your message. Make a wise decision and you are good to go!

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What An Urdu Voice Over Artist Can Do for You?

Urdu voice overs are a good way to reach almost one-seventh of world population. The native speakers are no less than seventy million but the potential reach increases when we consider the status of Urdu as a lingua franca in the Indo-Pak subcontinent. Even though Hindi is different in writing but as far as the spoken message is concerned, it is virtually the same. This broadens your audience to one of the largest public on earth. What it practically means is that Urdu voice artists can make your message available to at least every seventh man in the world.

Once you finalize the deal with an Urdu voice talent and get the project delivered to you, it may be both pleasant and shocking to imagine how big its scope can be. It depends a lot on your marketing strategies but let us assure you that the Urdu voiceover files in your hand may also play a very critical role in your success or failure to get your message across. Let’s see how that happens.

Every Urdu voice over agency out there can produce a chunk of files if you pay them. As over-ambitious and covetous businesses, many of them do not really care if it serves your purpose or not. They are done with the business once they deliver the files to you and pay a sum to the Urdu voice talents who appeared in the voiceover.

This often leads to quite unexpected results for clients. Since all of them are not native speakers of the language, they accept the files as such and are later shocked to find that the voiceover did nothing but ruin their valuable campaign. Mostly it is because of slangy styles, wrong pronunciations and ridiculous accents. You got Urdu voice over services you paid for but did you really pay for just sound quality and file size? Of course not. But agencies are usually only good at that. They cannot make sure if their Urdu voiceover production actually communicates with the intended audience or not because they are established out of the locale.

Urdu voice talents have a potential to make or break your business campaigns. If you choose the right one, you have established a relationship with a billion hearts; if you fall into wrong hands, you and your business may become an object of ridicule and derision. It’s that simple and critical.

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